HOME Choice

Transition services for older adults moving from a long-term care facility to a home and community-based setting


HOME Choice is a program that helps Ohioans transition from a long-term care facility (nursing facility, hospital, or ICF-IID) into a home and community-based setting of their choice. Individuals participate in the HOME Choice program for up to 180 days before moving to the community and remain with the program for 30 days after transitioning to their own home.  

Funding for HOME Choice is provided by a Federal grant known as Money Follow the Person. Established in 2008, as a demonstration program, HOME Choice has become a national leader in helping people move back to the community. Over 14,500 have created a new-found independence through their participation in the HOME Choice Program. 

Who is eligible to participate?

To be eligible for HOME Choice an individual must:

  • Be enrolled in Medicaid
  • Have resided in a long-term care facility for at least 60 consecutive days
  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Have income to sustain community living
  • Participate in an assessment and have a need for the program
  • Have care needs that can be adequately met in a community setting

How does the program assist individuals?

The following services assist individuals: Transition Coordination and Community Transition Service 

Transition Coordination is a service provided to help HOME Choice participants throughout the process of returning to the community. Coordinators assist participants in identifying challenges and locating the resources needed for a successful move from the facility to a residence in the community. 

Community Transition Service pays for start-up living expenses for individuals transitioning from an institutional setting to the community. The funds are used for non-recurring expenses necessary to establish a basic household. 

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HOME Choice