Transitional Care Services

Support Services to Move You From Hospital to Home


Transitioning Home

We help members use their managed care benefits. Whether we help you to seamlessly transition into your home after a hospital stay or you need more resources to support a new need. Our WRAAA staff proudly represents our managed care partner, Medical Mutual in their transitional care program. This benefit is available to insurance members at no additional cost.  


Transitional Care: For patients transitioning from hospital to home
Transitioning from hospital to home is a vulnerable time, often overwhelming and confusing. To help with that transition, members will be matched with a Transition Health Coach to assist with follow-through and discharge instructions, empower the member to create personal health goals, review medications and identify areas of concern or discrepancy, and encourage collaboration between the member and Primary Care Providers. 


WRAAA partners with our area Health Plans to provide the Transition Care intervention (using the Care Transition Intervention model) to members across Ohio, bridging the gap between members and providers by focusing on the transition from hospital to home. The goal of the Program is two-fold: 

  • To promote member empowerment and improve compliance during a hospital-to-home transition 
  • To prevent potentially avoidable hospital readmissions by working with members to ensure follow up appointments are met, medication reviews are completed, red flag symptoms are identified, and a personal health care record is created. 


Medical Mutual


Medical Mutual Program Highlights Include: 
  • Symptom management and identifying areas of concern  
  • Medication review and management  
  • Coordinate with your provider 
  • Primary Care Provider follow-up support 
  • Connect to community resources 
Successful Outcomes 

WRAAA has been successfully helping transition members frominstitutional settings to home and community-based settings since 2015. And, since 2018, with a 30-day intervention, we have transitioned over 7,850members from hospital to home resulting in a reduced readmission rate. These results speak to less stress for members with improved outcomes and cost-saving. 

Transitional Care Services

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